Taking Care of Your Photo Backdrop
Please trim the edges neatly along the black line with a sharp scissors, to avoid fraying.
When unpacking your backdrop for the first time, you may want to give it a warm iron (no steam or water) on the back to take out creases caused during shipment (Avoid ironing the joins). I know it’s a bit of extra work to iron the drop the first time, because the creases will show.  Perhaps take a few test shots first.
Like any painted item, it can scratch so avoid dragging or sliding props and furniture over them… rather lift and place furniture carefully into position.
Do not place in direct sunlight as it may fade over time.
Do not place in washing machine.  AVOID any liquid/water spillages as this will cause water stains
Do not use prestik on your backdrop.
To prevent any possible future fraying on the sides, you can fold the white border back and seal with white duct tape.  This tape works best and is the toughest and will protect your backdrop edges.  Avoid sticky tape or packaging tape.  You can also use FRAY STOP fabric glue, obtainable from most fabric shops.
Take care of backdrop